Welcome to Tsubaki cookery

Japan is one of the most longevity country in the world. I believe that one of the reason is a Japanese diet is very balanced. People in Japan have been eating Rice, Vegetable, Fish and Soya beans since ancient time. We were taught how to appreciate the food given, try not to waste and use the most of it. Of course there are so many other factors to live healthy and happily but I do believe that eating good food is fundamental.

Because we have distinguished 4 seasons in most part of Japan, traditionally we eat locally and seasonally. We have hundreds of seasonal vegetables and fruits and way of cooking with.

Nowadays everything has been so globalized and you can get any countries cuisine in anywhere. Its so difficult time to keep the tradition and culture, sometimes we need to adapt for new waves of change but try to keep the most of good parts. I would like to introduce the beautiful traditions and way of living in Japan which hopefully easily to be adopted in your culture.